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Fat bike

Fat bike

Fat bikes are versatile all terrain mountain-bikes that allow avid cyclists to explore rugged landscapes previously off limits. Your Guide will equip you with a high quality Electronic Fat bike that suits all fitness levels and a helmet as you embark on an adventure through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. A new sport as it allows you to go where no bicycle has been able to go before. The fat tires provide a crazy amount of traction. If you have not been on a fat-bike you have not cycled yet! The freedom these bikes allow is insane. Not for beginners though. You need to have at least average bike handling skills, you need to be able to sit in the saddle for specified hours on some days, you need to love nature, be able to handle whatever it throws at you (sandstorm, heat, cold, rain), you need to be able to dig deep, you need to love camping, the outdoors and most importantly – you need to love the desert and sand, lots and lots of sand!!

Why is this special?
  • REAL adventure crossing some seriously remote sand by bike!
  • Experience the thrill of fat-biking over some of the largest dunes in Dubai.
  • Explore some of the gems of the desert, not accessible to others.
  • Build camaraderie and sense of achievement as a group.
Where is this?

This safari covers some of the most pristine and remote areas left on Dubai deserts.

Who can go?

Fairly fit, experienced and adventurous cyclists in small groups, with a min of 2 and a max of 12 people. There are a number of scheduled start dates for individual travellers, or groups of less than 6 people.

Our Packages Includes:-
  • Wildlife spotting in a high quality Fat-bike on big red dune ,fozil rock , al faqa desert ,Al qudra lake
  • Camel riding available upon request
  • Hotel pick-up up on request
  • Bathrooms facilities
  • Children under 12 will be accepted at the Child rate
  • Minimum height requirement is 150cm
  • Pick up from Dubai Hotels between 7:00am and 7 pm (Private pick up)